Moon Tracking is An Ancient System & Practice Thats Tens of Thousands of Years Old. Without It Our Species Wouldn't Have Survived...

Lunar Calendars are the oldest and first calendars humans ever followed. From knowing when to plant crops & when to harvest, high and low tides for fishing & travel, following and tracking ovulation to following the natural ebs & flow of nature to survive. Its a cyclical calendar that co-exists with our own biology as humans. 

Moon Magic has modernised this age-old wisdom into an easy-to-follow-all-in-one-place formula that can be used in your work, relationships, love life, health, business & all other areas of your life, to cultivate abundance in those areas you wish to work on.

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Often our subconscious is driving our behaviour more than we realise.

You love the thought of living in your natural feminine state of flow where everything comes easy to you, but when it comes to creating the abundance you desire in your life, let me guess, you're still holding on to the masculine principles of doing more & pushing more, often hustling so much that you find yourself in a state of burn out & overwhelm.

The total opposite of flow.

You know you need to slow down and trust, but there is that little voice inside your head that holds control over you telling you that you don't have time to meditate, you should just finish one more email (which then makes you late & more stressed), and you didn't get enough done today and so that walk on the beach or the gym class you were planning on tonight just isn't a good idea.

Let's face it ... you feel like a juggling act and... you're over it. 

You're trying to be a present mother, an awesome friend, a loving partner and a great worker, but something's got to give otherwise you feel you'll implode. You keep wondering if you can't handle what you've already got... how are you meant to attract more into your life?

Rather than always feeling the urge to do more of the things you think will help you achieve your dreams (even those things that you don't enjoy or don't align with you), what if you were taught how to tap into an ancient inner wisdom already embedded into your biological DNA to help you receive what you know you're destined for and what you deserve.

Whilst doing it with ease and flow... no forcing or pushing.

Instead of working & trying so hard, overly exerting yourself, and then hoping that chance is on your side only to be left disappointed…what if it could be easy?

My Moon Magic practice will guide you to work with the natural ebs & flow of life, bringing your intentions to fruition in a way that feels good.

Moon Magic will allow you to recognise the different emotional and energetic reflections that are being brought to the surface in your inner and outer world, while the moon transits through its 8 phases and 12 signs. By knowing where the moon is exactly in the sky at any given moment, we can begin tapping into the correct energies at the correct times. This means you can function emotionally, mentally and physically from an aligned place with a relative amount of ease.

By working with the natural rhythm of the moon phases, you can naturally connect to your work, your life, your relationships, and your surroundings — and cultivate more abundance, prosperity, and peace into your life, without burning out. It's like tuning into the frequency of a static television and being able to focus properly, finally hanging out on the correct channel without needing to switch back and forth, allowing our life to feel more productive, focused & on path.

Since ancient times, women have sensed the magic of the moon.

When you begin to harness the power of the moon to create a life of peace and abundance, you can discover the moon-magic that already exists within you.

As the moon reflects light from the sun, it also illuminates your soul’s hidden wisdom.

So what is the link between the moon and abundance?

The moon represents our subconscious mind and emotions. However, most of us have only known how to create abundance through conscious means, by pushing and working harder, by stretching ourselves more, giving more, and squeezing as much hustle in every second to its maximum possibility in order to achieve the "abundance" we desire.

"To have more, we must do more".... right? What if I was to tell you thats actually not how it works...


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"The Moon Is Influencing Our Moods, Energy & Focus. As Each Zodiac Sign Passes Through, It Reflects The Qualities and Characteristics of Each Theme & Once You Know How To Harness That Power, You Can Manifest Whatever You Put Your Mind To"


The moon has been shown to influence everything from human reproduction, fertility, emotions and sleep along with the tides of the ocean. We are made up of 80% water with the brain alone making up 73% water in our body. Feeling a connection to the moon isn't only natural, it's biological.

The Moon also happens to be the fastest moving astrological body in space, changing phase every ~3.5 days ( yin to yang) and it's zodiacal sign every ~28 days.

So it's only natural to find your emotions, mental focus and energy levels changing so frequently throughout the days, months & years.

If the moons energy is powerful enough to influence our ocean, it's powerful enough to influence your emotions & shift what you co-create and manifest into existence, when you're aware & in tune of the magic happening in the sky.


With the moon as your mirror, this practice will reveal the medicine your soul has been craving.


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I began to notice my super powers in high school when I began to dive into my spiritual practice in year 12. I got into the degree and university I was hoping to get into, even though I didn't meet the required grade point average.

I got the dream job out of uni with 50 applicants and only 2 available positions.

I got the promotion 3 years into my proffesional career at the age of 26, when there were others with much more experience in their 40's & 50's.

I started my side hustle as a hobby only to surpass my full time income within 12 months and break records within my direct sales company reaching the pinnacle position in less than 3 years, and today still being the youngest person in the Southern Hemisphere to hold that position.

Our podcast is top ranked on iTunes, I've been invited to speak on international stages around the world, I'm featured in one of my favourite books in the special edition version & I keep accidentally having my Pinterest board vacations without trying.

My dream man & I had our dream destination wedding, we travelled around the world on a 12 month honeymoon whilst my business continued to grow & now we live in our beautiful home on the beach with our gorgeous little pup.

There have been so many thousands of serendipitous events just like this that I could share for hours with you over a cuppa.

I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you whats truely possible for your life. No, life isn't always going to be "easy", but you'll learn to roll with it as I have. Yes, there are always challenges and speed bumps ahead, but they'll always feel on purpose for your evolution. Yes, I have personally invested more time and energy into my dreams than you could possibly ever imagine, I'll teach you how to take inspired action on your dreams too.

It certainly didn't happen at the click of my fingers or overnight, it required some deep diving inner work...

... but I have consistently used the moon and its magic to cultivate my deepest desires, and thats what I'm so thrilled to share with you to help you explore yours too...

I'm that girl who always gets the carpark right out front & blows at the traffic lights to turn them green. Sound crazy?

Hang around me long enough and I'll encourage you to see the magic within you that will help you also achieve anything you desire using my Moon Magic formula (psst... its just a little bit of modern day woo + fun and basic astrology without the jargon + a whole lot of inspired action).

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